Creativity + Strategy + Implementation

Hello, my name is Ethan Elias, I'm a multimedia professional with 10+
years’ experience in digital design and development. I work tirelessly
to find the right solution to convey information to the user in the most
elegant way while supporting the brand. This means using most contemporary
design tools and principles. I'm passionate about interaction design and
creating digital media to enhance communication. I seek to make a real
difference in how people interact with digital content.


How 1

Graphic Design

Meaning is created when the user interacts with media, and the meaning is informed by the users background. Proper design employs all elements and tricks of composition to effectively shape the meaning and convey the intended message to the user.

How 2

Web Design

Websites create a universe around the user that can convey a feeling, tell a story and provide a metaphor for the brand or service. My goal is to find and illustrate the metaphor to best convey the story.

How 3

Interaction Design

This is the age of personal interaction with technology. Interaction design has vast social impact as technology improves the lives of people everywhere. The potential to make a significant and far reaching contribution is great with the tools at hand.

Recent Projects